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For those interested in purchasing birds, the availability depends on how well breeder pairs are producing at different times of the year.  A breeder may put you on a waiting list for a bird. In the USA, hand fed babies are usually available in the spring but some breeders, depending on their location, may also have some availalable in late summer or fall.  Most breeders will air-ship within their country.  You will need to check with individual breeders to see if they are able to ship elsewhere.      
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Greater Indian Hill Mynahs
White Rumped Shamas

Orlando, Florida

Greater Indian Hill Mynahs
We ship our hand-fed baby mynahs nationwide
Martha or Jose   Miami, Florida
Blue Mynah Aviary
Ph: 305-278-2838

White-backed and Blue-naped Mousebirds
Susanne   Florida

Greater Indian Hill Mynahs
Parrot Kingdom

Pekin robins

Silver-ear mesias
African starlings
South American Tanagers

Aurelio Padron

2 Greater Indian Hill Mynahs (handfed babies) for sale, hatched September 2010
2 Kookaburra males
African Greys currently on nest
Needed: Java Hill female -  Will trade for one of my big beautiful Java Hill males  

Needed: female Hooded Parakeet  
JoAnne Wyman   California
Ph: 760-822-5716


White-Throated Magpie Jays
Black-throated Magpie Jays
White Throated Kingfishers
Rainforest Aviaries

Pekin Robins
Fairy Bluebirds
Hornbills, Mousebirds
Tanagers & more 
Davis Lund Aviaries

Greater Indian Hill Mynahs
  Connecticut  Ph: 860-669-0707

Toucans, including Tocos, 

Keel Bills and Channel Bills, Toucanets, and Aracaris
Both hand-fed tame babies and young pairs available. 
Will ship nationwide 
Amado Summers  New Mexico  
Ph: 505-421-3934 

Bearded Barbets
 John  New York

Greater Indian Hill Mynahs
Collared Aracaries
Emerald Toucanettes
Ray Mitchell Texas  
Ph: 972-483-1332

Superb Starlings
We trade for other starling species
John Kilmer  Washington   Ph: 509-443-2505

Java Hill Mynahs
Greater Indian Hill Mynahs
Crested Mynahs
Pagoda Mynahs
West Midlands, England
Mynah Bird Trust   mobile phone number: 07800876070

Java Hill Mynahs
Stuart Mayer  Staffordshire, England

Sulawesi Mynahs (Basilornis Celebensis)
Sjef Van Noije   Holland

Mynahs, Starlings, parrots, swans, and many more types of birds
Randy Berry   Naples, Italy
Berry Avicultural Park